220cm H x 500cm W x 30cm D
Foraged & collected flora, resin acrylic, steel

Verdiculture is a visual meditation on the seasons, moods and history of the English garden.

The work revolves around a diagonal vortex, with grasses and wildflowers framed by ferns, leaves, creepers and woodland flora, journeying from winter on the left through to autumn on the right. It intends to recall both the formal elegance and studied tranquility of the traditional cultivated English garden, and the more modern appreciation of the beauty to be found in embracing the wildness on a garden’s fringes. The screen is a woven wave of 40 panels, each comprised of twelve hand cast resin layers embedded with dried plant material, foraged from British and Irish gardens.

Lush, green and luxuriant, VERDICULTURE is a testament to the mesmerizing beauty of nature.