As I Am Now

260cm high x 140cm wide x 25cm deep
Ivy, Brambles, Gold Leaf, Resin, Acrylic

This piece is the first in a series I am currently working on, entitled ‘Trove’, which was inspired by the discovery of a cache of abandoned granite lintels, corbels and other architectural artifacts from a partially demolished Imperial-era house in some local woodland.

The abandonment of these once highly valued, hand-made ornaments, now grown into the forest floor, speaks eloquently of man’s vanity and the effortless supremacy of nature; brambles crawl up the uprights and across the lintels into the corbels, while Ivy creeps down the top of the triptych. A peppering of gilded leaves frozen in time refers to the former splendour of ornate mirrors and artworks.
This specific work also explores the chimneypiece as architectural anachronism; once the trophy feature of grand 18th century interiors, they now find themselves in search of a purpose, and the piece celebrates the elegant form of the Georgian fireplace while playfully stripping it of functionality, as the resin would melt and burn if actually placed around an open fire.
The title of the work refers to the ancient Greek memento mori often etched on gravestones, ‘As I am now, so shall you one day be.’

As I Am Now was purchased by The National Museum of Ireland and is currently on longterm loan to Rathfarnham Castle.