Miss Ban (2015)

Acrylic, resin, foraged organic material, anodised aluminium
450/880h x 625 x 625mm

This chair was made to commission in hommage to Shiro Kuramata’s classic chair Miss Blanche (1988)

The materials were inspired by those found in/around a typical Carlow ditch. The sides (arms) are filled with ferns, gorse, bluebells and primroses, umbellifers and wildflower seedheads amongst the climbing brambles and ivy… while the seat is more about the fallen matter such as feathers, skeletal woodland leaves, pinecones and acorns, branches, mosses, lichens, mushrooms and other natural debris. Flying amongst this are some Irish black bees and bumblebees (who came to rest on the windowledges in the farmyard outside my studio) Encapsulated in resin and acrylic, with a recessed curved acrylic back – a technical improvement on the original- and anodised aluminium legs.